All that’s needed to join is a commitment to share a book with a fellow sports business professional.

An exchange of books is done every two months, but that does not mean you have to participate each time. Take months off and come back any time.

  • Around the 15th-20th of every other month, an email will be sent to all former participants and anyone who has signed up for updates asking them to register for the next month’s exchange and provide the book(s) they are willing to make available in the exchange. Registration is typically open for two weeks.
  • After registration closes, a follow-up email will be sent with all the available topics. Participants then fill out a form to pick the titles they have already read (or have no interest in) as well as those that they are particularly interested in. While there are no guarantees, we do our best to accommodate requests.
  • We then get to work matching you up with other participants. In a few days, you will receive an email with the name and address of the person to share your book with, as well as the information of the person who will be sharing one with you.
  • Drop your book in the mail as soon as possible with a note about yourself or follow up with an email. It’s encouraged to connect with your matches on social media and get to know each other. The #SBBX is not just about exchanging books, but also growing your network.

That’s it!